Why Us

What Makes Soul Float Calgary a Unique Floating Therapy Studio?

Soul Float caters to first timers and experienced floaters alike. Unsure about small spaces? Need an accessible room? Want to try floating for the first time with your partner? We have you covered. 

We started Soul Float because it was time that the amazing experience of float therapy was made available to everyone. The initial sensory deprivation chamber or isolation tank was an intimidating looking device not much bigger than a coffin. Although the benefits of sensory deprivation where appealing to a lot of people, the idea of sliding into one of these chambers was too unsettling for the average person. So we created Soul Float with everyone’s needs in mind. We cater to new and experienced floaters, people concerned with confined spaces, couples wanting to float together, large individuals and those with limited mobility or accessibility needs.

1) Two Styles of Floating Therapy Rooms From Which to Choose

For those wanting the traditional warm-blanket feel offered by our float pods, we have three float pod rooms available. Many experienced floaters prefer this style and many new floaters eventual graduate to the float pod because it has a stronger womb-like quality that people find comforting.

For those with a mild discomfort of confined spaces or with claustrophobia, we have two open-style float rooms available. We’ve made sure the room itself is sound proof and that its set to the required temperature to achieve the same sensory deprivation environment as the pods, but with the comfort of knowing you’re not closed in. Like with our float pods, you’ll have complete control over your environment. You can leave the room light on or off, you can float with the light therapy system engaged or remain in the dark and you can choose to listen to sounds, music, assisted meditation or silence.

This is one of our Deluxe Float Rooms for couples or those with sensitivity to closed spaces. It measures 6'w x 8'd x 7 1/2'h
This is one of our Premium Float Pod room for those wanting the traditional warm-blanket feeling offered by float pods

2) Couples Floating Therapy Sessions

We built our open-style float rooms to support couples floating together. The float basin is more than six (6) feet wide, which is larger than two standard bath tubs. This means you can enjoy your float without bumping into your partner. What’s more, we have dual shower heads in each room so both of you can get ready at the same time.

For some, couples floating is the perfect introduction to the float lifestyle. Many of our couples move on to enjoy floating on their own as they get more comfortable with isolation. While other couples continue to enjoy the experience together as they find it strengthens their connection.

3) Accessibility Float Rooms

For those with limited mobility and accessibility needs, our open-style float rooms have been designed to meet full ADA compliance. We recognized that float therapy is an ideal option to help manage pain, improve circulation or simply unwind from the stress of limited mobility, so we made it a priority to design our open rooms with accessibility in mind.

4) Extra Large Float Therapy Basins

For those who need just a little extra space to stretch out your limbs and relax, we suggest trying our open-style float rooms which are over six (6) feet wide and nearly eight (8) feet long. With this much room, you won’t have to worry about bumping into the sides or modifying your float position.

5) Getting to Soul Float Calgary is Easy With Lots of Parking

Our location is across the street from the Sirocco station on the west line of the Calgary LRT. This makes Soul Float the most easily accessible float center in Calgary. What’s more, our float center is located in the West Market Square shopping center with ample free parking. You won’t have to look for street parking, find your way through a multi-level parkade nor worry about validating parking. Just pull up to our front door and relax.

6) State of The Art Floating Therapy Facility

Soul Float's state-of-the-art new floatation studio is a safe and impeccably clean environment in which you can let go of the stress of your daily life. Don’t worry about bringing a thing, we've got you covered with all amenities like towels, spa sandals, top quality soaps and lotions, hair products and beverages.

Water Purity - Clean water is our top priority. It’s completely filtered four times between float session using a triple-cleansing process that includes micron filters, UV filters and Ozone water treatment. What’s more, the water is super saturated with Epsom salts, which are natural disinfectants.

Privacy - We want you to feel relaxed from the moment you walk through our doors. This is why we give you your own fully private room in which to change, shower and enjoy your float. With locking doors, this is your space to explore the wonders of isolation.

Comfort - Your private float room is sound- proof and programmed to a perfect temperature and level of humidity. 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts support your weight, allowing you to experience the sensation of weightlessness. You control the light and the music or guided mediation soundtrack within your float pod or tank.

Amenities - Feeling a little pampered is an important part of the experience. That's why you'll enjoy the best quality soaps, shampoos, lotions and hair products. We invite you to relax in our lobby with a tea and some fruit before heading back out to the real world.

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