Soul Float Therapy Video Library

This page is dedicated to videos about sensory deprivation therapy and the Soul Float studio. You'll find videos about our premium float pods, the largest deluxe float rooms in Calgary and a range of other useful resources about floatation therapy.

Welcome To Soul Float Studio

This fun 1.35 minute video will give you a walk through of the Soul Float studio. You'll tour our reception area, premium pod rooms, large deluxe float rooms and vanity area. You'll also see a selection of the locally made organic self-care products that are all earth and body friendly. Enjoy

Guide to Float Therapy at Soul Float

It's common for new floaters to feel a bit apprehensive about what to expect with their first float therapy session. After all, sensory deprivation isn't something we'll have ever experienced before. This short and friendly video provides a quick guide for how to approach your first float session at Soul Float studio.  

Large Deluxe Float Therapy Rooms

Soul Float studio custom designed two large deluxe float rooms which are the largest sensory deprivation pods in Calgary. They are private rooms with an open-air design, meaning there's no lid. This makes them perfect for those who love the benefits of float therapy but are sensitive to closed spaces. Their enormous float basins measure 6' w x 8' d x 7.5' h, which is larger than a kind-sized bed. This makes them perfect four the very popular couples float. This video describes these rooms in more detail

First Time Floater Video

This is a video of a reporter in Florida enjoying her first float using the same premium pods that we use at Soul Float studio. While it's not our studio, we thought the video does a great job sharing a common experience for first time floaters.