Unplug to Recharge


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

We are so accustomed to an endless stream of sounds, emails, texts, lights, etc. that we have become desensitized to the stimulation.. But all of this takes its toll on our physical and mental health and contributes to toxic levels of stress in our bodies. We may experience this stress as physical pain or as anxiety, insomnia or difficulty concentrating. We may just feel a general sense of exhaustion and mental “cloudiness”.

Float therapy is a form of physical and mental relaxation that helps us to unplug long enough to achieve a sense of stillness and to carry that stillness into our lives for hours and days afterward.

Imagine your body floating in a pool of warm salt water four times denser than the Dead Sea. After a few minutes, the edges of your body begin to blur and you lose your sense of where your body ends and where the water begins. Your body is so buoyant that you experience a sense of weightlessness, like floating in outer space. Pain diminishes, stress dissolves. As you focus on your breath, you become present in the moment. You realize that you are able to notice and to release thoughts which have been nagging you. You may fall asleep or you may achieve a deep meditative “theta” state usually only accessible to people who have meditated for years.

Soul Float believes so strongly in the benefits of floatation therapy that they designed their state of the art float studio to be accessible to everyone. For people sensitive to closed spaces, they offer two open style float rooms which boast a pool six feet wide by eight feet long, with seven feet of headspace. One of these rooms is even accessible for people in wheelchairs and with limited mobility. Modern “float pods” are also available and these are much roomier than most people imagine. Whether you choose the open style room or the pod, you can select your music or guided meditation and adjust the volume during your float. You also have the option of soothing LED light therapy or total, blissful darkness and you can control this as well from within your pod or float room.

Float therapy is no longer just for professional athletes like Tom Brady or celebrities like Joe Rogan. The profound physical and mental benefits of floating are available for you at West Market Square’s Soul Float Studio in Signal Hill. Close to home and with ample free parking, the relaxing experience begins the moment you step foot in the door.