Soul Float Studio Pricing

Experience the Soul Float difference. We have the best free parking, premium float pods with music and light therapy, large deluxe float rooms for those sensitive to closed spaces, couples floating and we're directly across from the Sirocco LRT Station.

Float Membership - Best Value

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Ideal for those adopting a regular float practice for relaxation or stress and pain management.

  • receive unlimited floating at $39/float
  • no commitment; cancel at any time
  • monthly charge of $39; includes one float
  • floats accumulate and can be shared
  • Bring a friend for $39
  • 10% off retail items
  • Floats expire if membership is cancelled

Float Therapy Drop-In Rates

Premium Float Pod



Enjoy a 60 minute float in our Preuimum Pods that meausre 4'W x 7'L x  4.5'H. Idea for those who enjoy the comfort of pods. Our pods deliver music and light therapy during your float which you can control from inside. 


Deluxe Float Room



Enjoy a 60 minute float in our large Deluxe Float Rooms that meausre 6'W x 8'L x  7.5'H. Ideal for those sensitive to closed spaces or who need a larger float basin. The same music and light therapy options are available.


Couples Floats



Enjoy a 60 minute float with your partner in one of our large Deluxe Float Rooms. With more space than a king sized bed, you'll both have an amazing float while sharing a profound relaxation experience together.        


Float Therapy Packages

Starter (3 Floats)


$45 single

$79 couples

Many new floaters find that it takes three floats to achieve their desired results, which makes this starter pack ideal for new floaters. 

  • Includes three 60-minute floats
  • Pay $135 up front for single sessions 
  • Pay $237 up front for couples sessions 
  • Floats are shareable 


Soul Pack (10 Floats)


$40 single

$72 couples

Ideal for families, groups of friends or those who float regularly but can't comming to visiting multiple times every month.

  • Includes ten 60-minute floats
  • Pay $400 up front for single sessions
  • Pay $720 up front for couples sessions
  • Floats are shareable


Group Rates


$40 single

$72 couples

Ideal for a friends night out. Come with a group of three or more for singles floats or a group of two couples and save.

Purchase at time of appointment



  • Cancellation policy - we understand that life happens and there are unforeseen circumstances which can get in the way of your scheduled float time. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give notice of more than 24 hours by calling us at 403.460.2705 so we can reschedule. We turn other customers away to hold your appointment, so cancellations made within 24 hours of your scheduled time will be subject to a $25 charge for Premium Pod rooms and $50 for Couples sessions. 
  • No-Show policy - clients that don't show up for their appointment will have their accounts charged the full price of the missed float.
  • Group bookings - we require a credit card at the time of making your appoinment if you're booking two or more rooms. Late cancelation fees and no-show fees will be charged on a per-room basis.