Ryan Yeadon

Age: 40

Occupation: Customer Service at Westjet

Bio: I broke my back from a mountain bike crash 14 yrs ago which left me without the use of my legs, but I don't let that slow me down and try to remain as active as possible. However, the human body isn't engineered to permanently push a chair around, which combined with my active lifestyle means there is constant pain and discomfort to work through. I use a range of practices, like massage and acupuncture, to address these issues, but float therapy is among the best for my situation.

I enjoy floating because it removes all the pressure on my spine, which is an incredible relief after being in a seated position for so much of my life. The warmth of the water and the Epsom salts relax my muscles, at which point I do a range of motion stretching and create even more tension release.  In addition to the physical rehab, floating for an hour let's me focus on my breathing and stay mentally positive. And there's no Raisin Fingers to deal with after the hour.
I think others should try float therapy because when you can relax your mind, you can enhance you positive mood, increase your energy and be more creative. It's also an excellent environment for problem solving. 
I recommend Soul Float studio as a wheelie approved facility. They've designed one room for accessibility; there's a cushioned shower bench, adjustable shower heads, a transition ledge and grab bars to get into the pool and a unique mat that they place on the ledge to support transitioning into the pool. 
If you have any questions, you can email Soul Float studio and they'll put me in touch.

Amber Romaniuk


Occupation: C.H.N., Holistic Health Food Expert and Speaker

Bio: After personal experiences with food addiction, I decided to dedicated my career to educating our community on healthy eating and overcoming self-sabotage with food. It's my goal to see a global change towards using a well structured diet as a way of generating energy, balance, happiness and on overall healthy lifestyle. To create this change, I host corporate workshops and a  TV show on Shaw called, Fresh Health with Amber Approved. I also produce the Amber Approved digital magazine and cookbook. When I'm not advocating healthy eating on a public stage, I work privately with women and men, high-level entrepreneurs and those committed to overcoming emotional eating and self-sabotage, so they are free to create the success they desire in the world.

In addition to healthy eating, I incorporate other wellness activities into my lifettyle, including float therapy. I choose to float because it really allows me to get present and still. It grounds me immensely and when I leave from a float I truly feel at my bliss point and in a state of pure peace. I can feel my seretonin start to pump when I float and that is something that I haven't found with any other self-care modality. I would recommend floating for others as a great form of self-care and relaxation. It's also great for those with hormone imbalances including adrenal fatigue to start to really calm the nervous system and get present with letting go and relaxing., I'm also a huge proponent of float therapy as a means towards a balanced lifestyle...

You can get in touch with me through my website at


Tania Thompson

Age: 46

Occupation: deep water fitness instructor; Beautycounter representative

Bio: I am a busy momtrepreneur (son, age 7, and daughter, age 12).  I'm 46 and have been teaching deep water aquatic fitness for over 20 years (currently at Repsol Sports Centre).  My kids are both competitive swimmers and that keeps me running from pool to pool!

After years of constantly feeling tired but wired, having sleep issues, and just lacking my regular "zip", I decided to seek out a more rounded approach through a Functional Medicine doctor.  I'm now focusing on myself and making time for my health, both physical and mental.  Floating has been key.  I started floating a year ago and the changes have been noticeable.

While floating, I listen to a guided meditation or yogic sleep (yoga nidra).  Usually, I stay awake (but have been known to doze).  Floating and meditation resets my vagus nerve and my parasympathetic system.

I float to claim my own time, my own space, my own health.  It's a beautiful gift I give to myself - but it ends up being a gift to my family.  I'm more calm and better equipped to deal with what life offers me.  

In addition to floating, I'm passionate about helping people find high performing personal care products that are safe and effective.  We should NEVER have to sacrifice our health and safety in the name of beauty and this is why I'm excited about Beautycounter, a company with a mission.

I am honoured to be an Ambassador for SoulFloat and look forward to sharing the float love.  Please feel free to contact me through Facebook - I'd love to chat!  Stop by my personal page at

Tanis Brown

Age: 26

Occupation: Graphic Designer; Student at U of C, Faculty of Education

Bio: I am a full-time graphic designer who is also juggling a full-time course load at the University of Calgary. My days are spent helping clients make their visions a reality, or spent in the classroom focusing on my studies. While my passion for my career helps me push past the long hours, I am extremely busy and need an outlet to de-stress and recharge.

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the water, so I was immediately drawn to float therapy as a substitute for meditation. It’s something I do for myself to help the stress of a never ending to-do list float away. It takes a few minutes for me to settle in, but I eventually drift off to a mindless state of relaxation. I find that I am less anxious and much more creative in my design work after I’ve given myself this time to de-stress.

The stress of my undergraduate degree got the better of me. I didn’t take the time to unwind and ended up reaching to junk food as a way to cope. After gaining 100 lbs. I knew that the unhealthy habits had to stop and that I needed to find a way to balance a busy life while still practicing positive self-care habits. I began eating right, exercising several times a week, and making my mental health a priority. Now that I’ve lost the weight, float therapy is a part of my self-care practices to ensure that I don’t let stress take me back to that unhealthy place.

Facebook: Tanis Brown

Instagram: @tbrownie