5 Reasons to Try Float Therapy



You have probably heard of float therapy by now. If you have been thinking, “Well, maybe…”, here are five top reasons to give it a try.

  1. Mental load has you feeling stretched too thin

Reply to that email from your boss. Pick up the drycleaning. Talk to your kid’s teacher. Track down your T4’s so you can start on your taxes. There are always a million to-do’s and random thoughts floating around in your brain. It’s life and it’s unavoidable. However, the cumulative effect of this mental load is exhausting. For some people, it can even become debilitating. When all of your brain power is tied up in keeping track of to-do list items and nagging worries, your ability to engage in problem solving and creative thought is reduced.

  1. Meditation is just “too hard”

Floating can be viewed as assisted meditation. When you remove sensory input like light and noise and physical distractions like lower back tension, meditation is suddenly much more straight-forward. Think of it like training wheels. People can generally get to a deeper meditative state much more quickly while floating than they could on a zafu cushion.

  1. Chronic Pain is getting you down

The “water” in a float tank is actually more salt than it is water. In fact, it is four times denser than the Dead Sea. This is because it’s packed with magnesium sulfate, or Epsom Salts. Epsom Salt is fantastic for easing muscle pain and tension; people with arthritis and fibromyalgia have reported significant pain reduction from regular float therapy. The catch is that for Epsom Salt to be effective, the concentration has to be much higher than most people are able to produce at home – you would need at least a 50 pound bag of salt in your bath tub. Our float tanks have 1000 -1600 pounds of magnesium sulfate, depending on the size of the tank.

  1. Take a break from Calgary’s dry winters

As much as we would all love to fly off to Barbados every weekend, that’s not really practical for most of us. Calgary’s winters are notoriously dry. That, combined with our hard water, can leave our hair, skin and nails (not to mention sinuses) in rough shape. Floating is an easy way to get a one-hour reprieve and to emerge with softer skin and hair. The salt water is excellent for psoriasis and eczema. And if you find that the cold, dry air irritates your sinuses or causes reactive airway symptoms, you may find that the humidity from the float rooms offer therapeutic benefits.

  1. Brain fog has your creativity in the dumps

Floating is absolutely amazing for creativity. The thing is that all of the mental load and electronic noise that we subject our brain to causes our brains to slow down. If you think of your brain like a computer, you can think of floating like defragging the hard drive. You will be amazed how much more clear your thinking is after giving your brain an hour of stillness. It’s no wonder that so many musicians, writers and artists use floating as part of their creative process.